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Nov 2009              

ZKIN is founded

Dec 2009               

ZKIN available at Homeless, LCX & Design Gallery, which are stylish stores in Hong Kong

Feb 2010                

ZKIN available at City'super LOGON, a lifestyle chain stores in Hong Kong

Apr 2010               

First crossover project with New York fashion brand Kensie

Jul 2010                 

First crossover project with Hong Kong artist Chau Pak Ho

Sep 2010                

ZKIN available at UK Paperchase Shops

Oct 2010                

ZKIN available at USA online store Photojojo

Nov 2010               

Distribution to Macau

Dec 2010               

Distribution to China

Jan 2011                

Distribution to Singapore

Mar 2011               

Distribution to Taiwan

Mar 2011               

ZKIN available at Page One stores, a Singapore base bookstores in Hong Kong

Apr 2011               

First participated in Hong Kong Gift & Premium Fair

Apr 2011               

ZKIN Against Mistreatment of Animal Photo Competition event was held

Apr 2011               

Launched 101 Rabbit Nazca limited editions camera case as fundraising to SAA

May 2011                

Distribution to Thailand

Jun 2011               

Crossover project with Hong Kong artist Ellen Joyce Loo

Jun 2011                

ZKIN available at Nuance-Watson, an electronic chain stores in Hong Kong International Airport 

Jul 2011                 

Distribution to Norway

Sep 2011                

Launched of the first series - RAW

Dec 2011               

ZKIN RAW photo competition

Mar 2012               

Distribution to Japan

Apr 2012               

Participated in Gift & Premium Fair

Aug 2012              

ZKIN available at first Eslite store in Hong Kong

Nov 2012               

Crossover project with camera collector Mr. Tom Kwan

Nov 2012               

ZKIN first fashion show & 3rd anniversary event

Dec 2012               

Crossover project with Hong Kong DJ Maria Tang

Jan 2013                

First overseas exhibition in Japan CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 

Feb 2013                

ZKIN Camera Strap x Art jamming event

Apr 2013               

Distribution to Germany

May 2013               

Crossover project with Shark Savers 

May 2013               

Held "Let's bike and snap with ZKIN" event

Oct 2013                

Held a first joint promotion event with Nikon, Back to basic of happiness cookies workshop

Nov 2013               

Crossover project with Hong Kong music band Robynn & Kendy

Nov 2013               

ZKIN at Lomography International Stores

Dec 2013               

Win DiGi Annual Awards and being awarded as “The Coolest Photography Accessories Brand”

Jan 2014                

Launched of Getaway series

Jan 2014                

Held a joint promotion blogger event with Nikon, Laser cut card reader workshop

Mar 2014               

Distribution to Korea

Apr 2014               

Participated in Korea lnt’l Photo & Imaging Show 2014

Oct 2014                

Distribution to UK

Dec 2014               

Distribution to Australia

Dec 2014               

ZKIN launches in ZALORA, an Asian online shopping site


Feb 2015                

ZKIN launches in HKTV, a Hong Kong online TV and shopping platform

Apr 2015               

Participated in Korea lnt’l Photo & Imaging Show 2015

Jul 2015                 

Participated in Japan Design Tokyo 2015


Oct 2015                 

Participated in The Digital Show Australia 2015


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